Expired Password

All faculty, staff and students are required to change their account password every ninety (90) days. An email reminder is sent three times before the account password expires. If the account password is allowed to expire, access is denied to campus networks, email and information systems.

The ALTERNATE AUTHENTICATION section of the Password Manager can be used to re-establish the account password. This section requires the user to enter unique identifiable information that is verified in a secure manner. A user with an expired account password will respond to a challenge question that was selected when the password was initially established. The challenge question may have been updated during a prior password change. The response must be answered exactly as entered. Additionally, the last four digits of the person's social security number and the date of birth (month, day and year) must be provided to confirm the identity before the process can continue.

For assistance during changing or establishing the account password, contact Technical Support at 828-262-6266, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.